A strategy game about stacking cards and resource management. Wasn't able to get a full gameplay loop together in time for the jam, but feel free to poke around. Some of the pieces are there!


  • Left click on a card to pick it up. Release left click to drop it.
  • Drop cards on top of other cards to "stack" them.
  • Villager cards can be slotted in to tiles to extract resources from them.
  • If a stack meets certain criteria, something might happen!
  • Use WASD to move the camera around. Scroll your mouse wheel to zoom in and out.

Built with Bevy Engine for Bevy Jam #2. The source code is available here.



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card_combinator.js:394 panicked at 'Attempting to create an EntityCommands for entity 184v0, which doesn't exist.' :(


game freezes when you drag a card off the map :/