Build A Better Buddy is a cute auto-battler with the goal of Building A Better Buddy.

Right now its more like Buy A Better Buddy because Buddies are immutable. Jammers gonna jam.


  • Buy Buddies using money
  • Reorder Buddies by clicking and dragging
  • Trash Buddies by clicking and dragging them onto the trash can
  • Enemies get harder each round
  • You have a slight advantage over your enemies: your buddies are generated with a slightly higher "value" . You might say you have an ... Unfair Advantage. You know ... the theme of the jam! 
  • Winning awards 5 coins, ties award 3 coins, and losing awards 2 coins.

Things I would have done if I had more time:

  • Add Buddy abilities to make the game actually fun to play
  • Actually "build buddies": merge buddies together and add items to them
  • Add "asynchronous" networking so players can face off against other "real" teams.
  • Add a "revive a dead buddy" feature that lets you bring in a "real player's" dead Buddy. This would create an interesting "power creep" dynamic where Buddies get revived over-and-over and get increasing stronger (this was the motivating idea for the Unfair Advantage theme).

Built with Bevy Engine for Bevy Jam #1. The source code is available here.


Download 9 MB
Download 5 MB
build_a_better_buddy-macos-v0.1.5.dmg 7 MB


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If you click "Battle" before placing any of your characters onto the grid, the battle starts, but nothing happens, so the game softlocks.


The game runs smoothly and works like a charm! You've got a cute art style and the tried-and-true fun gameplay of auto-battlers. I also appreciate you having the browser option.

Constructive criticism:
- Power creep starts happening a bit too quickly
- Some sound effects/music could really enhance the game
- Obvious point--you essentially have infinite money since everything's so cheap